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Nowadays, when everyone finds themselves in an endless hurry, yet never having enough time, a collective yearning for deep, uninterrupted sleep emerges. We tangle our nervous systems into intricate knots and daydream of a soft bed or patch of moss in which to stretch out and nap. We drink valerian tablets before bed, yet still manage to grind holes in our mouth guards. Hence, the collection “BAL DE RIEN” is dedicated to tranquil sleep. The fabrics were sourced from the designer’s grandmother’s house in the countryside, where fragrant, neatly folded bed sheets fill the attic shelves, then coloured using natural dyes from alder cones, avocado pits, stinging nettles. Just like in dreams, where we build new worlds out of nothing, so can a fashion collection be created with the things around us, in our attics or gardens.

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