Harmful to yourself – protest

Do you harm yourself?

I harm.

I lose myself in passions and sensations. I lose myself in endless work. I protest, I am harmful to myself. 'Two-legged animals' also harm themselves.

Self-harm consists of different layers. There is a layer of consciousness when you directly harm yourself and a layer of unconsciousness when you can't understand how you are harming yourself.

The theme of the work is based on reflective thoughts about social processes, issues and problems.

Are we harmless to ourselves? How can we understand our own harmful steps and false constructions of thought? Following false ideas, false idols. Without trying to understand, accepting lies as truth aren’t we risking to lose our own independence

The theme – 'Harmful to oneself' – protest is broad. Its depth is complicated. The work is designed by choosing protest as the main medium of expression. The actions that are harmful to oneself performed in the form of protests challenges the unconscious instinct of self-harm.

The journal is the other part of the protest, summarising the research that has been done, the protests that have taken place and addressing the idea of self–harm.

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Maija Rozenfelde

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