Study process

Interior design study process

1. Title: 360o
Supervisors: Guest Lecturers Manten Devriendt and Andra Šmite
Technique: Clay lump, brochure
Year: 2021/2022 I semester

The task was to find an object in the vicinity and create a space inside or around it for meditative purposes. I looked out the window, and there it was — a street light; how do I inhabit this space?

2. Title: It Was a Strange Summer Once Upon a Time
Supervisor: Guest Lecturer Mareks Birznieks
Technique: Stucco marble, brochure 
Year: 2020/2021 II semester

Recipe: choose a Raimonds Pauls song, create an associative collage, transform it into symbols, and apply it to a spatial structure.

3. Title: Odziena
Supervisor: Guest Lecturer Manten Devriendt
Technique: A1 x 3
Year: 2022/2023 I semester

The collection of Soviet cars and household appliances in Odziena town — both the place and its contents raised the question of the necessity for such a display in general, specifically for public viewing. What to do with the so-called "Soviet heritage," which is like an unwanted, forced gift?

4. Title: In the Shadow of Blaumanis
Supervisor: Prof. Holgers Elers
Technique: 90 x 50 mm
Year: 2022/2023 I semester

Rūdolfs Blaumanis memorial room proposal. How to tell a story in 20m2 without repeating what is already common knowledge?

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