Salone Satellite

"Salone Satellite" LMA stand graphic design concept and communication materials. 2xA1 tablets, A3 printed guidelines, digital materials.

Graphic identity to introduce the sustainability methods of previous generations.

World "mending" is more urgent now than ever. It is bursting at the seams due to various economic and climate challenges. Inspired by the experiences of a generation of seniors - war, exile, scarcity - it has been concluded that extending the life cycle of goods could be one of the solutions.
Let's start by mending our socks, that is a metaphor for any 21st century manufactured product that supports people's everyday consumption. The golden thread is an allegorical message about the value of a single sock - in terms of time, skills, economic and emotional value - and why it is worth mending.
When you mend your socks, you mending the world.
Start fixing things by being aware of the ecological footprint left by your insatiable
desire to consume!

“If you want to mend the world, start by mending your socks.”
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