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Land and her Flowers

I researched transgenerational relationships between the women of my family and nature, tying together the feminine cycles of life with the circularity of nature as interconnected entities. Exploring medicinal plants, the Latvian way of life, knowledge and traditions passed down through generations and the role of women that runs through it.  
Embroidery, textiles and femininity are one of the main components of this work. It is essential to highlight the importance of devoting time and care to a world dominated by metric thinking and automation.

The working process was filled with new layers and experimentation with different artistic solutions, pushing myself to step away from the usual and let the subject and the process guide me. It all started with the creation of a process book, where each page slowly turned into collages of images and texts that served as a visual exploration and story. My work intertwines design with art. From experimenting with dyeing fabrics with homemade vegetable dyes to ornamentally arranged typography that transforms into meadows of letters.
One of the central objects of this work is a tablecloth, which serves as a metaphor for cyclicality and the ecosystem, with a person in the middle - my grandmother. Like searching for and carefully collecting medicinal herbs, I carefully gathered information and materials for this project from my own family. One of the main inspirations and a big part of this project is my mother. Her memories, her wisdom, her strong spirit and her way of life bind the stories and the meaning for this project on a personal level. 
It is accompanied by a folding zine, which collects my mother's memories and reflections on the subject. For the text composition, my intention was to get rid of any metrical grids, classical text layout design thinking, creating visual, rhythmic "meadows" of text, complemented with classical lace ornamentation. Opening the zine reveals loose floral illustrations, made to resemble stitching seams and threads. In this work, poetry, theme and artistic symbolism were what guided the design process and the outcome.
It is a fusion of science, spirit and experiential stories. To act as healing stories that allow us to imagine a different relationship where people and the earth are good medicine for each other. By bringing forward stories from women in my own family, I hope to encourage dialogue and reflection towards a more harmonious relationship with ourselves, others and our earth.

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