Study process


I had the chance to take part in an Erasmus+ exchange semester in Berlin. Because of that I could begin the design process already in October. With the extra time I managed to work out my concept and by February I had made my first look.

I was also fortunate enough to take part in the 21st Knitting and Textile Workshop in Apolda, Germany. Together with a team of people I could fulfil my designs of jacquard knits. In a span of a week, we made 6 knitwear pieces. With that I had dipped my toes in the world of yarns.

Of course, as with any learning process, mistakes are ought to happen and I ought to learn from them. For example, I realised how a mixture of cotton and wool yarns would be more suitable for my designs than a 100% wool content. Or in order for a garment to hold a bigger, heavier shape like I need it to, I have to think equally like an engineer and a fashion designer. Physics and maths are very prevalent in fashion design as well, you know.

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