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The first thing that comes to my mind are failures, probably because of this emotional time, when it seems that nothing is working out, there’s no other way. Failure? That lack of time when you want the clothes to be detailed, but running towards the max number of pieces you stay until late night, not seeing your loved ones, and feeling accusations for being sick or choosing to spend the evening with your loved ones instead of the academy. Difficulty falling asleep, even though you need to sleep, but you are surrounded by a blanket of stress, and the feeling that even your successes are no longer relevant. The failure is that right now I don’t want to write, and what I write seems to be worthless and the complaint board of an unsatisfied person.

It’s not what I want and it won’t be like that anymore.

But success is people, my fellow students, lecturers and random fabric sellers. I thank Arvīds Endziņš for participating in the creation of the metal frame, and for such a sincere and keen interest in the work. I thank Diāna Janušone for her help in steaming the fabric in the captured moment and a sincere approach. I thank Māra Binde for saving me in a critical moment.

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