Am I Pumpkin from Adventures of Cipollino or one of Three Little Pigs, and which one of the three exactly? What to do if you come across house that have been tamed by someone else for the past centuries. One building has become a shed, the other has always been a shed, the only one that managed to survive the last war. How to exile firewood and achieve a middle layer within only 36 m²? Can an imitation of imitation be made from the building rubble in the soil – something like meta-terrazzo? Should sedimentary rocks be invited into interiors, can a walk end with a stone? Maybe you want to give me one? 

These are the subjects that occupy my mind, permeate my thesis, and connect in the interior. CVm² is a bit about space, a bit about materials, also about history or discoveries, various layers, forgotten skills, mistakes, air raids, in other words – about the process.


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Andra Šmite

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