EMORI - Mobile application as an emotion regulation tool to improve mental health

The self-help tool EMORI was created in cooperation with Riga Stradiņš University, Ventspils University College and the Art Academy of Latvia. Emotion regulation skills are related to mental health, which is a state of well-being in which a person realizes their abilities – coping with stress, working productively, contributing to society. Weak emotion regulation skills are also worsened by the unavailability of psychiatric care providers, financial, territorial, and social circumstances, as well as COVID-19, war, etc. There is a growing global presence of mobile applications in improving mental health. EMORI allows the user to evaluate their emotion regulation skills, get results, perform practical tasks with art-based methods, and develop the ability to withstand, accept or control emotions. The user can learn to recognize and name emotions by using a mood observer every day. At the same time, the application is a research platform that allows to obtain and analyse data about the emotional regulation skills of the Latvian population.

The application is intended for Latvian residents who want to get involved in improving their mental health and are users of smart devices.

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