Have you ever caught a whiff of a smell that instantly transported you back to childhood at your grandparents' house, in the countryside, at home, or in your favorite kitchen cabinet hiding spot?

My work is precisely about the feelings and memories evoked by an unexpectedly encountered aroma that takes me back to when I was little and spent my summers with my grandparents in Saulkrasti. Melding together the aroma of coffee with the smell of a freshly lit wood stove, the smell of a sea breeze and algae with the aroma of yeast pancakes, the smoke of tobacco with the smell of tarred wooden house walls, I am small again, and my grandmother is calling me to the table where my grandfather sits holding a cup of coffee and smoking his pipe.

I must be aware of things that disappear over time. With my work, I want to show others that we are here only because someone else has been here before us — our family!

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Aija Bormane


Juris Krūmiņš

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