Study process


The collection KIRMIZI is my discovery and a journey at the same time. While researching the origin of my surname, I
came across the Turkish word 'kirmizi', which means 'red' in Turkish. The other connection to my great-grandfather is his
hundred-year-old classic English coat. These two gifts served as the basis of the collection and as an unpredictable
adventure. And I found something in it!
Great-grandfather's coat is like the key to the whole collection. When I carefully disassembled it, I discovered previously
used clothing details, which served as inspiration to incorporate the idea of sustainability into the clothing collection.
The coat is given the role of a door: by opening or unlocking it, it is possible to discover something new, or maybe just the next door? The role of the red color is to be unpredictable and seek new adventures – no new fabric is bought, but
solutions are sought from what is available. In interaction with traditionally created clothes, I include these two gifts
in the collection, which allow me to experience, discover, and leave something to be found.

Project info

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