"NOSTALGIA". Collection of 6 looks

Bachelor's Thesis Thesis title: Nostalgia Author of the Thesis: Laura Valtere Supervisor: Indra Komarova, docent The paper analyzes the development and significance of the meaning of nostalgia in people's lives to the present day ( the essence, origin and development of the concept), as well as personal significance for this topic in the author's work and daily life. The aim of the ork is to develop an idea of the meaning and importance of nostalgia in each person and in their lives, reflecting this feeling through fashion images, to encourage people to look into their reflections and memories of what is most beautiful and important. To achieve this goal, the author will look at the historical and further development and expression of nostalgia in modern society. Author will develop a collection that will reflect a deeply personal view on the subject. The expected result is the developed fashion images that encourage the viewer to look into themselves, looking positively at the past and their favorite and warmest memories. Thesis consists of : 33 pages, 7 figures, 17 bibliographical entries, 2 appendices. Keywords: nostalgia, reflection, the most beautiful self-reflection

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Laura Valtere


Indra Komarova

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