Parallel idyll / Embassy of Targale

This project seeks to discover new cultural sites while encouraging the development of artistic expression and the specific environment.

Tārgale, the artist's native village, has already become a well-known center of Latvian culture as a result of unforeseen events. The place, whose heart still revolves around the former collective farm, honors its cultural features, interpersonal relationships, and somewhat idyllic views of life. Therefore, it is not surprising that Tārgale has been declared the center of the world and the embassy of Tārgale is being opened in Riga.

Embassy of Targale — information office, ambassador's office, souvenir shop, in-depth acquaintance with the parallel idyll society, culture, and territory.

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Linda Vilka


Kristians Brekte

Diplomdarbs apskatāms laikā no 14. līdz 20. jūnijam, visās dienās no plkst. 13:00 līdz 19:00, iepriekš piesakoties uz e-pastu

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