Use of Microalgae To Improve Indoor Air Quality

Within the framework of the project, the technical plan of the microalgae photobioreactor and the product/service offer were developed — an informative set for the improvement of indoor air quality. The product is intended for placement in the study premises of educational institutions.


The device aims to help young people understand the importance of air quality, creating a societal habit to think about both indoor air quality and innovative ways to ensure it every day. The basic principle of the device operation is as follows: microalgae absorb the carbon dioxide in the room and release oxygen during the photosynthesis process, thus improving the oxygen concentration in the environment. In addition, an insight into the causality between the microalgae growth process and changes in indoor air quality is provided. Such a device would be an alternative to mechanical room ventilation that ensures the set optimal indoor air limits, and thus the productivity and performance of students and teachers.

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Holgers Elers

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